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  • Raise a Panic signal from your mobile device
  • Subscribe here to emergency response services
  • Add Unlimited Email and SMS contacts to be notified of SOS
  • Real time maps indicate your position
  • Loads of intuitive features



This app is 100% free. It is super easy to use and up and running in under 3 minutes. Download for Android. Download for iOS (iPhone/Tablet)


Add an unlimited number of Emergency Contacts from your existing contact list. They will all receive your Panic message with detailed info.

SOS via Email/SMS

When you trigger the Panic Button, a user customizable message, which includes system generated stats is automatically deployed via email and/ or SMS; to a list of your approved contacts.

Satellite Maps

Your pre-approved contacts will received detailed SOS message content, which includes a satellite/ terrain map, detailing your exact location.

Pin Point Location

The App will pinpoint your location and once you have armed the Panic, it will keep track of your movements, realtime

Indoors and Outdoors

The App can determine your location both indoors and outdoors. Whether you are in a shopping mall or enjoying a jog in the mountain, your location can be determined by our algorythms

Supports iOS/ Android

The App runs on Android and iOS devices. We are also working on a version which will be compatible with the majority of devices, making the app truly cross platform.


This App can be used internationally. As long as there is a data network and/or mobile network, the App will function.

Shake to Activate

Shake your device to activate Panic. Useful when the phone is off or the App is in the background and you quickly and/or unnoticeably have to arm the device.

Flare Light (Strobe)

The Flare feature strobes your camera flash to attract attention.

Count Down (Delay)

You can set a count down delay to prevent false alarms. Even if your phone loses connection before count down finish, the server will still distribute the SOS.

Alarm Sound (Buzzer)

Configure a buzzer sound or set to silent. A buzzer sound is useful when using the app in a commercial environment, like an office, gymn or restaurant.

Stealth Mode

When stealth mode is active and you hit Panic, the app minimizes to the background. It continues to run and continues sending location updates to the server. The user can be tracked real time.

User Activity Detail

The App collects descriptions from the user for their current activity, which is attached to the SOS. It is reset on restart so that it is always relevant to their current session.


Configure a security code so that the App cannot be disarmed without inputting the code.


Get detailed Help online. We cover each setting on our online help page. There are links from some of the screens and you can access the help facility from within the the App.

Dispatches Intelligently

The App collects, stores and transmits vital user-, phone- and location statistics. Info can be routed to a [medical/armed/emergency] response provider of your choice.

Link Armed Response

Optionally link your Panic App to a medical response unit or an armed response unit. If no such service is registered with us, within your area, we will search for a suitable service provider on your behalf: with your permission.

Partner Branding/Skinning

Partners can brand the App and the web landing page. No need to develop your own App. Just brand/ customize and get going.

Partner Integration

Response providers can subscribe to our API's and receive distress signals from their users. External sensors can be connected to panicHero's network via our online API's

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How it works

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this App really 100% free?

The app is completely free to download and install. The only charges are your network charges. You can secure your whole family with as many copies of this App, as you like. It is easy to use and setup takes less than 5 minutes. We do not charge the end- user any fees. If you decide to link the app to an armed- or medical response unit, we charge the provider of the service a minimal fee. That means you can use this App with no extra costs to you. Emails are sent for free. SMS are charged at standard rates. On Android SMS are sent from your device and charged at the standard SMS rate to your phone bill. On iOS, you need to purchase SMS credits in advance. We do not make profit on SMS or Data charges so you only pay for the data the app consumes and if you add Mobile Nr's as your SOS recipients, you are also charged the standard SMS rates, as would be the case when you SMS someone.

How does the Panic button work in an emergency

In a nutshell: when you hit the panic button, SOS messages with detailed information are compiled, queued and delivered to your emergency contacts and optionally, to an emergency response provider (like an armed response unit). We recommend setting a 20 second count down delay for the panic button, which gives you a short period to cancel the panic signal from being sent. This protects you against false alarms being messaged to your pre-approved contacts. Even if an attacker destroys your phone while the count down is in progress, the server will analyze the situation and continue to handle your emergency and notify your contacts. A working data and/or mobile network connection is required as messages are sent via SMS or email.

How many people will receive my SOS message?

As many contacts as you add, will receive your message. You can selectively add your emergency contacts from your phone's address book. Both Email and Mobile numbers are supported as a means for sending emergency SOS.

What if I am indoors?

The App will continue to work indoors, using Wifi signals to pick up your location. GPS location is more accurate, but you will be able to get a decent location estimation using Wifi, when you move indoors.

Can I link the Panic button to a response provider?

Yes you can. Go to the "Settings" screen, click on "Additional Services" and register to get your app linked to a provider. If none are registered in your area, we will go ahead and attempt to procure the best provider for you. If you are a provider of emergency response services, you can register as apartner on our site.

Can panicHero be branded under a different company's identity?

Yes, it can. There is really no need for you to develop your own App internally. It's expensive and technically complex. We will issue you with a white-label App. Your Logo, color scheme and entity name can easily be wrapped over the application. Please get in touch to discuss the details!

Can I use panicHero commercially to serve my clients?

Yes you can. If you receive funds from clients as a direct or indirect result of your clients using the panicHero technology, you need to license it's use from us. Please see partner section.
Government and NGO institutions can use the Application for free. Personal use is free. Please do not route messages to a third party response provider directly as you will do so contrary to our official policy.

More questions?

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Partner with us

Partners (such as providers of response services) can quickly and effortlesly hook into our API's (Application Programming Interface) and route Panic signals from their clients, directly tou their reaction centers. Why go through all the effort of designing your own App? Let us deal with the Tech Mumbo Jumbo and you deal with the reaction services. You can brand (skin) the App and the landing page so that it reflects your corporate look and feel, if you feel that this will set you apart from your competitor or increases your user's experience.

Armed Services

Suppliers of Tactical Response Services

Medical Services

Suppliers of Tactical Response Services

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What do people think?

Perfection I've tried many free panic button apps and this is by far the best.. Give it a try, you'll see.... You've got nothing to lose ! Well maybe except your life ! Application très efficace et performante... Fonctionne à tout coup, une tonne de paramètres 😊

Olivier Laviolette USA

Great App! The creators of the app are extremely passionate about making positive changes in their industry. Try the app, you have nothing to lose.

Andrew Forte Western Cape, South Africa

As a young woman with a habit of ending up in rather isolated spaces alone, I find it good to have this. I would recommend it especially to students and people who take public transport at odd hours of the day. :)

Erika Schabort Western Cape, South Africa

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Contribute to our mission to make the world a better place.
Together we can change the world.

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